Women comprise a significant number of the world population as there are almost as many men as women in the world with a population of 3,710,295,643, while men are 3,776,294,273. This shows that women are a formidable force in the world since they are the other part of the world’s population. However, unfortunately, the significance of women globally and particularly in Africa is not felt in many areas based on several factors. Against all odds, women around the world are magnificently breaking boundaries and trailblazing. A special accolade particularly goes to African women who exude strength and tenacity in the face of diverse adversities including limited resources and lack of equal opportunities in politics, economic, education among others. Speaking about African women exuding strength, let’s take a few examples where African women exercise strength.

The home, for instance, is the first point of call for most African women as they are faced with the responsibility of childcare, house chores, cooking among others.  for some of these women, these activities are done without modern equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners among others. some of them are lucky to be able to afford such equipment to lessen their burdens, however, the majority are left out and not so fortunate to be able to afford.

Compared to their European counterparts, African women are faced with myriads of disadvantages such as cultural inequality, economic hardship, low literacy levels, poor health systems and all, nevertheless, they have not allowed these limitations to decide their future and have been breaking ground in science and technology (STEM), entertainment, health, development among other and still continue to achieve great feats against all odds.

Some of the characteristics that distinguish African women from other women are their beauty, with the natural hair trend where the majority of African women now celebrate their natural unrelaxed hair, this has enhanced and redefined the real African beauty. However, this does not imply that African women with relaxed or texturized hair are not beautiful, just stating that the new trend has highlighted the true African beauty.

Religion: Many African women are religious ranging from Christianity, Islam or the traditional African religion, African women mostly have a religious upbringing and thus, this becomes a part of them even in adulthood. African women are industrious, goal-getters and high achievers, so either in academics or business terrain, coupled with combining these with household activities and catering for the kids and family in general, African women are on top of their game and finally, African women are epitome of responsibility as they are wives, mothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law and they manage these responsibilities perfectly, maintaining a good work-life balance.

Today is not international Women’s day, however, I choose to celebrate the strength, tenacity, and sacrifice of African women.