The Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC is working hard to achieve the mission that was set for which is to rid Nigeria of Economic and Financial Crimes and to effectively coordinate the domestic effort of the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

This was seen with the recent achievement in the month of May 2018. Firstly, the finishing of the hacker case on the 4th of May the Hacker Henry Ofeyi, David Afatakpa and David Abumhenre just bagged prison terms for engaging in cybercrime. Ofeyi posed as Dexter Smith, Afatakpa as Vin Diesel and Abumhenre as Tom Hanks. The N4.1 million recovered from them was ordered forfeited to the FG.



Secondly, The Operatives of the EFCC early on the morning of 11th May 2018 the operative raided Club 57 in Ikoyi, acting on the intelligence reported of activities of suspected Internet fraudsters.  which made some fraudsters to abandoned their exotic cars to evade arrest, some others resisted. 12 suspects were arrested, with 10 cars recovered.


This movement by the operative has become a very big issue on the social media and many people are involved. Information Security is a big issue let us hear your view. Is it right for Nigeria EFCC to raid the club and arrest the fraudsters comment below.