The 2018 Drucker challenge contest has started and is ending on June 24. This challenge is asking How would Peter Drucker react if he met his android twin today?

We don’t know. All we can do is to use our imagination – one of the attributes, along with creativity, reason, feelings and empathy, that are still unique to humans. That said, there can be no doubt that AI will shake up the very foundations of society, changing human relations, what we do and how, forever.

So we would like your opinion: How can we maintain the human face of society in the context of AI? Can Peter Drucker’s human-centred approach be of help? What should be the new roles and responsibilities of institutions and their management? What kind of leadership, talent and organizational culture will be required? Above all, how can AI be used to allow us as individuals to make the very most of ourselves as human beings?


The Aim of the Competition is to Keeping the human-oriented management philosophy of Peter Drucker alive in the minds of the young generation


Open to students and young professionals from all around the world

Essay Format

A personal narrative essay that may be underpinned by research

Who can Apply

Student or a professional age 18 – 35 and interested to participate in the “Drucker Challenge Contest 2018”

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