Samson Siasia, a former Nigeria Football Federation official who coached Nigeria at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, is the latest to be sanctioned by world football’s governing body FIFA as part of a long-term investigation into known match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal. He was banned because it was claimed that he accepts bribes in relation to match-fixing.

In a statement, the Adjudicatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee said Siasia had also been fined CHF50,000 (£42,000/$51,000/€46,000). for the purpose of the sanction.

He becomes the third African official to have been suspended by FIFA amid the probe into Perumal, arrested and jailed in Finland in 2011 for fixing top-tier football matches in the country.

Former Botswana Football Association general secretary Mooketsi Kgotlele was banned for life and former Sierra Leone Football Association official Abu Bakarr Kabba was given a five-year suspension last month.

Who is Wilson Raj Perumal he is a notorious game fixer from Singapore that can not even count the number of games he fixed and he also accounts that he works on four different continents and he sees match-fixing as a business and not as a crime. Perumal is accused on several match-fixing scandals, including Asiagate in 2007–2009 and the 2008–2011 Finnish match-fixing scandal. He quotes that every part of football is business from his own look and he does it to gamble on the game. He claimed to have made around $5million to $10million during the time of the business and has been jailed much time during the period and he loses all the money to gambling.

In the Perumal book Kelong King, he claims that several deals are done with Nigeria football team and he even help Nigeria to qualify in other to use them in the big gambling because they are corruptible and easy to influence with money “an “arranging” of marches admits having qualified Nigeria to the CAF confederation Cup 2010 to the detriment of Tunisia” Wilson Raj Perumal and Maybe one of the reason Nigeria lose to Germany in the 2016 Olympic male game in Brazil (Rio 2016)

CNN’s Don Riddell spoke exclusively to former football match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal and the interview bring light on how this done through the use of players, keepers and other officials of the team. Click here for the video