Many Computer Science and Computer Engineering Student and professional are eyeing the cybersecurity because of many reasons which may include the availability of the job, the salary and the view of protecting many through the professional. According to CompTIA report, most of the 820 IT professionals surveyed (51%) express an interest in working on cybersecurity-related issues, more the other cutting-edge issues such as the internet of things (30%) and artificial intelligence or machine learning (20%).

This  results show that the many are looking forward to become an IT Security professional but many are not ready to get the necessary skills needed for the job and other that once had the skill are becoming obsolete because of the new development in technology and more broad view of cybersecurity.

Nancy Hammervik executive vice president, industry relations at CompTIA said “The tech industry’s challenge is America’s challenge: developing a robust workforce that can effectively fill the IT jobs of the 21st century, whether those jobs are in cybersecurity, IoT, AI or some new technology that’s still to come,”.

One of the major issue for the future of tech jobs is what CompTIA has identified as a “confidence gap,” where the lack of diversity in the tech industry has many potential workers thinking that a career in tech is not for them.


Lastly, In Africa lack of awareness about the cybersecurity in the bigger view is still a problem even iwith many skill professionals there is space to practice because most of the IT Security disaster or Threat are seen as God hands or natural disaster.