Augmented Lagos is a MasterClass targeted to help Startup/SME founders to build executive knowledge and Skills required to harness the power business digital transformations through Disruptive technologies. Powered by disruptive Africa powered by the Lagos State Employment trust Fund (LSETF) and Lagos Innovates,  and Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technologies. The program will help entrepreneurs understand how People, Governments, Organisations, SMEs can leverage on it for higher efficiency and productivity.


Understanding that 65% of Lagos Population are youths and also about 94% of businesses are Startups and SMEs, it is important that small businesses learn how to augment their efforts and resources using technologies.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), World bank and the UN all acknowledge that while Africa has missed out of the First, second and third Industrial revolution, it still has an opportunity of reaping the huge benefits of the fourth industrial revolution by harnessing the talents and resources in Africa and teaching them how to leverage Disruptive Technologies in solving problems.

It is a plan to re-brand and accelerate Lagos’ economy by empowering 200 Lagos youths (the future and power house of any nation) with knowledge of the limitless possibilities in the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. We intend to work with prospective partners and sponsors in running boot-camps in strategic locations in Lagos.

Learnings from Augmented Lagos will cause a mental mind-shift in Nigerian youths, redefining the way they perceive and solve problems.

In this Fourth Industrial revolution, technologies are already eliminating and altering the conventional boundaries that exist in Business Value Chain. While advanced economies are prepared for this revolution, Nigeria and Africa have little or no participation which is dangerous for business and people as they hold the solutions to several major problems in Africa and also cuts across all sectors and industries.

According to Fujio Cho, Vice Chairman of Toyota (one of the most innovative Companies in 2016); “If you are not busy reinventing your company, I guarantee you are falling backwards”.
Businesses that do not innovate leveraging Disruptive technologies might be disrupted by competitors (which might include startups) who adopt early and well.

The fourth Industrial revolution is already upon us as Disruptive Technologies like IoT, Data analytics, Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality to mention a few, are already altering the way people live their lives and run their businesses in other regions of the world.

Our lives will never be the same, as the way we live, work, connect and do business will all influenced by Disruptive Technologies. It is imperative that Public and Private Sectors become armed with knowledge ahead of time to innovate and re-invent their organisations for increased efficiency and sustainability.

The initiative designed to provide Key sector and industry players, SMEs, Governments, interested developers, service providers and enterprises with the needed knowledge support, hands-on training and consultancy, through conferences, platforms and other events, and network people both from within and outside Africa to accelerate business and economic growth in Africa.

What will I take away?
Better Knowledge of Disruptive Technologies and what they can do for your organisation
– Understanding how to design innovative business models through the application of Disruptive technologies.
– Ability to solve problems through innovative design processes that will solve beyond the problems encountered
– Better understanding through a live demo of solutions built out of disruptive technologies.

Who Should attend?
These should be influencers/decision makers in both public and private sectors; C-level, Managers, IT officers, professionals, and Academicians. Disruptive Innovation is encompassing, therefore, no technical knowledge is necessary but the responsibility and capability to make business changes and drive initiatives at a company level is important.


Date: Friday and Saturday; 25th and 26th May 2018
Venue: Lagos State Digital Village, Alausa Secretariat, behind Ikeja city mall
Time: 8am- 4:30pm daily (2 streams)
Side attractions: Certificates, Mentorship and free consultancy on Disruptive innovation for business

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