The Nissan ProPILOT Park system is really driven the self-driver technology to a new level. Although the ProPILOT was a fully fledged system that helps drivers park by automatically controlling acceleration, brakes, handling, shift changing and parking brakes to guide the car into a parking spot. The innovation was utilised on several other types of equipment.

Ealrly this year 2018 the Official Nisaan announce the self-pack slippers which were unveiled with a traditional china inn where guests can instantly summon and dispatch the slippers with the push of a button, according to Japan Today.

The motorized hi-tech slippers were equipped with two tiny wheels and multiple sensors that control it and drive it around the lobby floors.

At the same unveiling of the self-drive slipper, in addition to the smart slippers, Nissa also show self-drive floor cushions and table that wheel themselves into the right place when not in use, all of the objects automatically return to their designated spots.

Nissan has been championing the use of biocomputing innovation in many areas of there technology and this has been producing a great result in the planning for the smart cities and environment. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the first “Intelligent Parking Chair,” a concept inspired by its intelligent park assist technology that allows drivers to easily park their vehicles using automatic steering.