Nigeria Yahoo boys have advance ooo…. From the latest report about Nigeria Cybersecurity issues that have steal more than $3b equivalent of N1080000000000.00 in Naira

According to Kaspersky,it was discover that spam emails sent to the people by Nigeria yahoo boys  consist of a malicious files that are intended to steal confidential data and install stealthy remote administration tools on infected systems. Kaspersky found that the domains used to host the malware were registered to residents of Nigeria from their research.


Also the malware used in these attacks belonged to families that are popular among cyber-criminals, such as ZeuS, Pony/FareIT, LokiBot, Luminosity RAT, NetWire RAT, HawkEye, ISR Stealer and iSpy keylogger. ”The phishers selected a toolset that included the functionality they needed, choosing from malware available on cyber-criminal forums.

Further research found that the domain names of some of the malware command-and-control servers used by the attackers mimicked domain names used by industrial companies – “more proof that the attacks were primarily targeting industrial companies,” said researchers. They added that most domains used for malware C&C servers were registered to residents of Nigeria. This hackers are targeting not the companies but the users that are working for the large company. Either to get access to their individual records and cash or to use them to get more information about the company and it resources.

According to Mark James, security specialist at ESET, said scammers are opportunistic. They understand the need to adapt and change their tactics to get the best result so the move from the 419 scams to a sophisticad hacking using the online resources from dark world and other resources from other dark world organized.