Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd (NIGCOMSAT) is a company and agency under the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology (FMCT) whose mission is to be the leading satellite operator and service provider in Africa. We are a young, vibrant and innovative company, charged with the management and operation of Nigerian Communications Satellite.

According to NIGCOMSAT Ltd, the company launched its first geostationary satellite, NigComSat-1 into orbit. During its service life, it hosted a number of customers from the broadcasting industry in May 2007, internet service providers, telecommunication operators and telepresence solutions and also provided customer support to its end users.

Eleven (11) years fast-forward, NIGCONSAT  recorded several collaborations and many projects have been achieved. In April 19 2018, NIGCOMSAT Ltd and TURKSAT Company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the delivery of satellite-based services. This collaboration will allow both satellite operators to use their resources and specific expertise to provide new and innovative satellite-based solutions.

While in May 2018, Liberia is also collaborating with NIGCONSAT for satellite related service.  The Liberian minister gave the verdict during the presentation of NIGCOMSAT products and services to the Ministry’s headquarters in Moronvia, Liberia recently. He expressed optimism that Africa would take its rightful place in the emerging technological breakthrough despite the inability to push through its development stride, after many years of independence.


After receiving the delegate from  Nigeria, President George Mennah Weah, talks about the poverty rate in the country is of great concern to the government, But the county will not but invest in such a big project like NiGComSat which is meant to improve the lives of the ordinary citizen.

Mr Dominic Kwenme, Liberian Assistant Minister of Planning in the Ministry of Education, says Nigeria is driving Africa into the technological realm with the ownership of Nigerian Communications Satellite, NigComSat. and also said that Nigeria has set the ball rolling for the rest of African countries to take advantage and make the best use of its satellite-based services.

The head of the delegation of NIGCOMSAT, Barr. Samson Osagie, Executive Director Marketing and Business Development, informed the Liberian President, George Mennah Weah that their mission to Liberia was informed on the need to leverage on the various services of NIGCOMSAT.

With all this happening in Nigeria, the full impact of satellite service are still not felt because the internet is still very expensive and Nigerian watch more of a cable television power by a South Africa company. Moreover, I want to believe that power and lack of technical know-how is part of the business of such a big technological project.

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