Neorest NX2  is an award-winning innovation that won the reddot award for the year 2018 is worthy of discussing. Created by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto. This design and innovative idea is a major upgrade from the regular water system toilet.


The Neorest NX2 has a Cycle Cleanliness and Comfort as the display by the manufacture and each stage has a unique features

  1. The automatic lid that is smart to the point of opening just by working towards the toilet lid and close when you work away with an additional feature that heated the toilet seat on for cold weather and sterilisation.
  2. The deodoriser and self-cleaning wand with the natural cleaning power that continuously decomposes waste.
  3. Auto flush using the Electrolyzed water (e-water) for the flushing which can remove every other particle of the defecation and remove every particle that physical eyes can not see.
  4. Soft light On auto close and Seat heating close. easily close down after you stand up from the lip and maintain the power usage by switching all the power off after the usage.
  5. Ewater for the Bowl and wand and the electrolyzed water continue its work by cleaning both the bowl and the wand after closing the lid.

The Neorest NX2 is a smart toilet that will be good for a smart environment that is trending because of the hi-tech features with a deodorize capacity with other cycle listed above.

Neorest NX2, This awesome product will land in the US around the third quarter of 2018 with an awesome cost of $11,000. I guess is a toilet for the rich and love of new gadget.