There is a speculation in town that Call of Duty is removing the single player campaign mode from the game. This is an information from a reliable source online that this shocking information may be revealed on May 17. This may be because the multiplayer franchise of the game has been the most played in the recent years and the total focus of the business on the esport and online gameplay and the profit that comes with the online games.


Call of Duty is one of Activision’s properties and is one of the worlds most played video game. Although, its first release in 2003 and has been going strong. This news can have a significant impact of the business but as a player of CoD, it will be reasonable to consider those that do not play online or living in a country that internet is still very expensive.

Why May 17th, 2018, It is known that Activision is set to do an in-depth reveal for the game on May 17, so the state of single-player for Black Ops 4 will likely be speculation prior to that date. However, an abundance of reports suggesting no single-player points toward what the company mean by revealing of the new series.

According to Yahoo, Single-player is still an important part of many the value proposition for many games, but it’s multiplayer modes that tend to drive player engagement in the months after release. The reason for this is pretty simple. A single-player game might be engaging for its first play through, but having experienced the game’s story and its scripted events, users might not have much reason to jump back in and play through it again. On the other hand, playing against human opponents tends to be a much more varied experience extending the life of the game and paving the way for more in-game spending. While multiplayer is becoming the driving sales force for most big game companies, there’s also a common sentiment among hardcore gamers that titles should have better single-player content.

Personally, I think this news will affect mostly Call of Duty gamers and fan in developing country where internet is still expensive and playing online will be a problem because that is one of the issues affecting the esport business in such countries. Now, what is your view on this news is it real and is it going to affect you…Kindly comment below