Korean group of Scientist have reportedly found a potential drug that may finally regrow hair lost in the head. The Team Lead, Choi Kang-yeol of Yonsei University announced that a protein called CXXC5 clean the signalling pathway inside of a cell that is linked to follicle development and hair regeneration in adults.

The scientist said in other to prevent protein (CXXC5)  from acting as a negative regulator of the pathway, the team successfully developed a potential drug from a biochemical material called PTD-DBM. After using this potential drug the block to the hair follicle will disappear and the hair will start to grow back.

According to Korea Herald, this study was published Korean Ministry of Science, in a Journal targeted at the investigating Dermatology. In addition,  “CXXC-type zinc finger protein 5”, acts as negative regulator of the Wnt signalling

“Disrupting the CXXC5-Dishevelled interaction with a competitor peptide activated the Wnt/β-catenin pathway and accelerated hair regrowth and wound-induced hair follicle neogenesis,” the research paper read.

For Those young adult disturbed by the loss hair, this is a good news for you all.