Based on requests, here are some tips to note when applying for European scholarships, particularly from the German perspective.

  • I got the DAAD/Helmut Schmidt Public Policy and Good Governance scholarship and observed many Africans particularly, Nigerians were/are not awarded the scholarship. I decided to ask the scholarship body and below are their responses:
  • Whist applying for a scholarship, it is really important to meticulously follow the given instructions e.g the image size, word limit, transcripts, certificates, etc. Otherwise, the application will be discarded.
  • Secondly, well-written motivation letters without typos can’t be overemphasized. A good ML should include why you are a good candidate for the scholarship, job experience, and how you intend to apply the newly acquired knowledge.
  • Thirdly, class of degree- this is not to discourage graduates with a second-class lower division. However, only graduates with second class upper division and first-class are mostly considered. 
  • Likewise, following a career path is essential. If applying for a Public policy scholarship, for instance, ensure you studied a related field e.g Law, Social work, International relations, political science, or something similar.
  • Job experience- this is also crucial as the scholarship committee wants to see your efforts, this could be a volunteering experience or working experience which must reflect in your motivation letter. 

Lastly, ensure you are learning or doing something new, simply put, making efforts to improve yourself e.g learning new languages, advocacy, volunteering, etc.

Here are some helpful links and scholarship opportunities for Masters, Ph.D., and Postdoc in Germany.