A Telkom group member announced that the company has launched a digital learning platform. According to the company the digital learning platform designed to develop South African education into the digital future through online educational content which is free people now will be able to access math and science learning equipment at, for free.


This organization will revolutionize the way schools administration approach technology and teaching for the school, and will remove barriers to learning for schools and learners, CEO of BCX Ian Russell said this. “Learners will have free access to education services, as well as all the material in the international curriculum

The platform aims to empower learners by enabling them to study outside the classroom and will also feature supplementary interactive educational material.

The platform also gives schools the opportunity to create their own websites and tailor-make content to suit their environment — free of charge.

People who access by using Telkom network and mobile will not be charged for any data costs.

This organization is pioneering a free digital learning platform where technology and education work together to make the country move higher. will revolutionize the way learners and educators approach technology and education, Ian Russell says this.

The World Bank, also support this access to education which is one of the best ways to end poverty in the country. World Development Indicators (WDI) database has shown that for every dollar spent on education, GDP grows by an average of $20.

“ was introduced to tackle the challenges that is currently facing the South African basic education system,” says Russell. give support to young future leaders with digital skills.”N