Facebook announced that sometime in the first quarter of the year 2018  the company will be opening an NG_Hub, The NG_Hub will be a Lagos based tech space that will be managed by both Facebook and CcHub Nigeria. According to TechCrunch report with a correspondent from CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani on the importance of the NG_hub core, He explained that Facebook moves on the Hub is to place a bet on high tech startups…that may not get a chance in Africa such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, data-driven ventures and others.Rutdansolutionlimited, rutdansolutions,rutdansolutions_Techconvos

Talking about the location of the Hub it will be the unofficial IT district in Lagos (YABA, Lagos) that continues to show tremendous growth a location when many startup companies in Nigeria are moving to. Likewise, the Hub is to support the entrepreneurs that are providing hi-tech  and data-driven startups

Account to The CcHUB CEO,  The Hub will consist of a virtual reality lab, a creator lab, and a co-working space Moreover the program will not be limited to the hub space, the NG_Hub will also run an acceleration program to support Startups from across the country Nigeria.