Technology genius has jumped forward in the space-race with a rocket twice as powerful as any of its rivals.


The rocket released a car into space on a course for Mars, with David Bowie’s Space Oddity blaring from the speakers. The launch began a new era in space flight with the ability to launch larger payloads into space Elon Musk has just done what many people thought was impossible, he successfully launched a car into space on a course for Mars. The payload of this particular rocket is slightly unconventional, in order to demonstrate how effective his new Falcon heavy rocket is Elon Musk loaded a car on board.

The car in question is a midnight cherry red Tesla Roadster all the while blaring David Bowie’s Space Oddity while it travels through the cosmos.



The destination for the rocket is Mars.

What makes Musk’s rocket unique besides the weight load it can carry over great distances is the fact that the booster rockets are reusable which cuts the expenditure enormously for the project.



Previous rockets had used disposable boosters which cost a fortune and were only able to be used once. Footage of the car in space has been beamed back to earth and creates a surreal image that looks more like bad Photoshop joke than a real image. The car includes a driver named Starman, a dummy in a space suit, all buckled up and ready for an epic journey.

The car will eventually drift into solar orbit where it will quite possibly outlast humanity as it drifts through the vacuum of space. READ ALSO: Sky is the limit: Young black pilots are determined to succeed and open doors for aspiring kids What makes this launch important is that it means that in the near future heavier satellites can be launched, larger robots can be sent to Mars and enormous telescopes can be hurled into the heavens.