Ecommerce business the technology-driven business that many believe is going to revolutionalise the market space in the business economy in Africa is not having it required success in Nigeria. Many have put there resource into it and now they are in the mid of merging or totally closing down the business.

The reason does not need a long time research for, lack of adequate power supply, Changing in political vision, Expensive internet and other Economic issues are the reason that this awesome technology is not working in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Nigeria neighbouring countries Ghana is experiencing a gradual transformation in its economy based on this technology. Even unemployment has reduced in mass in Ghana due to the effect of E-commerce.


Although E-commerce comes with several advantages and with the current surge of many e-commerce start-ups, it’s evident that there is great promise for the online industry and presents a long-lasting solution to our unemployment problem in Ghana. Moreover, in Nigeria, the business is not really working and according to a reliable source many E-commerce businesses in Nigeria are closing down.

Maybe there is something wrong with the country or business in the country.  We can discuss this below as a comment. we care to hear from you.