According to Defense One, Joe Mazel, the head of the FBI’s operational technology law unit said unmanned drone units like a swarm of drone descended and hovered around during an unfolding situation Mazel said the suspects had backpacked the drones to the area in anticipation of the FBI’s arrival. Not only did they buzz the hostage rescue team, they also kept a continuous eye on the agents, feeding video to the group’s other members via YouTube. “They had people fly their own drones up and put the footage to YouTube so that the guys who had cellular access could go to the YouTube site and pull down the video,” he said.

The proliferation of drone use has been of increasing concern to law enforcement agencies as the technology has become easy to acquire and operate. Drones can be flown using GPS technology meaning it takes minimal practice to fly them and they can be adapted to carry small payloads.

This happened in a large city in America during the last year winter but was reportedly careful not to share identifying details about the incident, saying it is “law enforcement sensitive.”  He said this kind of criminal usage of technology is happening in other parts of the world and for example of Australia, criminal groups have begun have used drones as part of elaborate smuggling schemes, Mazel said. The gangs will monitor port authority workers. If the workers get close to a shipping container that houses illegal substances or contraband, the gang will call in a fire, theft, or some other false alarm to draw off security forces.

Technology which supposes to be used for the security of the public when used against them shows the need for policy or an arrange law on how this technology will be used. According to Angela Stubblefield, the FAA’s deputy associate administrator in the office of security and hazardous materials safety. One would make it illegal to “weaponize” consumer drones. Different situations like this have been unfolding recently like the drug smuggling to Contraband into the prison walls.

Mazel said criminal organizations have also been using drones to monitor activity outside police departments to see “who is going in and out of the facility and who might be cooperating with police.”

The new technology that is around us now needs to control well for the protection of the public because this technology is becoming cheaper by the day. Although drone has its own advantage in media and surveillance when they become fully hijack by the bad hands it will definitely become a big problem. Likewise, Government of other countries needs to use this as early security alert to protect their citizen.