Yesterday May 16, 20018 was an interesting day, I was invited by LibraTv to the premiere of DEADPOOL 2 that took place Ventura Mall FilmHouse, Samonda in Ibadan Powered by Filmhouse Cinema. It was a great evening starting with some red carpet event. networking, eating and music.

That is my first time at a premiere of a movie and I love the experience, I guess we are the first set that was preselected to watch the move in Ibadan (funny feeling fly) and I am a lover of friction movie.

My Review

The Deadpool2 packed with romance mixed with comedy and mixed with some good fight. The movie DEADPOOL 2 is as funny as the DEADPOOL 1, full of drama and very entertaining, and it shows the naughty man side of an X-Men character which is super interesting. The film is well constructed and does not have too much noise like some X-Men movies that have watched.

The lessons from the Movie

  1. Helping others can really heal to heal your pain fast than you think. Because seeing other healing through your effort brings a satisfaction that can liberate you from obstacles. Deadpool
  2. “Luck is not a superpower” but when someone add extremely hardworking attitude with smart skill and good decision making to both timely and untimely event the make me to see that it can definitely look like been lucky. Domino
  3. Everybody is useful even if he cannot clean the floor very well I can kill the molester.

Thank you to the organizer FilmHouse, LibraTv, Ventura Mall Film House.