As Christians all over the world are celebrating the death of Prince of Peace (Jesus Christ),   Digital Crafter  the Taiwanese game studio has created a video game and published by PQube called the “FIGHT OF GODS” and the games feature JesusChrist, Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, Greek Pantheon leader Zeus, Egyptian god of death Anubis, and the Norse god Odin.

Many Christ followers may find the game blasphemous or Disrespective but In the trailer “The Return of Jesus”, which was on the Youtube Present a muscular version of the Prince of Peace (Jesus Christ) doing attack combos and pummeling opponents in different power moves. During the game press release, “FIGHT OF GODS” showed Jesus and Buddha punch and fight each other.

According to Eurogamer,  there have been a plethora of games that feature gods and deities as playable characters, such as the wildly popular God of War franchise, most have opted to stay away from entities which are revered in currently existing religions. Moreover, the early reviews from buyers have been largely positive. a Steam customer wrote  “Great background, well-made characters, nice sound effects, and soundtracks. Way better than I expected,”

What are your views on this controversial games at this period of Easter celebration by Christ followers?