The Cloud Native Computing Foundation builds sustainable ecosystems and fosters a community around a constellation of high-quality projects that orchestrate containers as part of a microservice architecture. CNCF serves as the vendor-neutral home for many of the fastest-growing projects on GitHub, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy, fostering collaboration between the industry’s top developers, end-users, and vendors. CNCF has over 500 members, including the world’s largest public cloud and enterprise software companies as well as over a hundred innovative start-ups. Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the cloud-native ecosystem.


Cloud-native was created four years ago and is the vendor-neutral home of Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployments as well as scaling and managing applications. Kubernetes which is a portable and extensible container orchestration application that was originally created by Google that is first called the Google Borg a container orchestrator for its global operations for more than a decade. It is an open-source project written in the Go language and licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. However, today it has contributions from Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco, as well as more than 300 other companies. Kubernetes has Numerous user case studies and success stories on how organizations and businesses are adopting it.  Cloud-native Computing Foundation also has other numerous projects on the project shelf which consists of 10 graduate projects, 16 incubating projects, and several other sandbox projects.

Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Con Event

These events are beneficial as it is a gathering for enthusiasts and technologists from leading open source and cloud-native communities. Attendees of the event may include members of the communities, innovators, business owners, representatives of organizations, and several others.  Details about Cloud-native and Kubernetes can be found here. The event may be expensive for many people. However, the community provides a diversity scholarship program which provides support to those from traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized groups in the technology and/or open-source communities (including, but not limited to: persons identifying as LGBTQ, women, persons of color, and/or persons with disabilities) who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend CNCF events for financial reasons.

To be awarded the scholarship you will need to first check your event of interest and you will then be required to fill some form of diversity scholarship and the community will decide if you are selected.

Screenshot 2020 05 11 at 14.54.24 2 - Cloud-Native Computing Foundation: A Helpful Ecosystem and Community

Presently, most of the events are online due to Covid-19 pandemic. However, the event is worth checking out, and attending August 17-20 2020 Kubecon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 is a good one to attend and many other ones in America. 

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