The UK startup CERACARE which is the best home care in London at social care awards 2018 and it is advised by former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Nick Clegg, Just bag itself some $17 million in Series A funding. Funded by several investing companies around the world like the Guinness Asset Management, Yabeo and Kairos. According to the Company Techcrunch, Cera has partnered with several NHS organisations over the past year, successfully delivering NHS-funded and referred care services.

In 2018 we have delivered NHS CCG funded care with the following CCGs: Lambeth, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Enfield, and previously had partnered with CCGs including Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon, and East London Foundation Trust, in addition to marketing in NHS hospitals including Central Middlesex, West Middlesex, Northwick Park, Royal Marsden, Whittington and Barnet & Chase Farm. We note that at the time the articles were written, our website was not fully up to date with these materials and have since rectified it – this was in part due to variable contractual expiry dates”.

Meanwhile, Cera says it will use its Series A funding, which is made up of both equity and debt to expand its services launching in an additional three cities beyond London, namely Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham and further across the U.K., by buy struggling homecare agencies across the U.K and other European Countries.

“In a fragmented market of over 8,000 homecare providers, Cera has built the technology to quickly aggregate U.K. homecare businesses in a scalable manner, in what will be a U.K.-first from a startup in this space. This model will also be used to drive Cera’s expansion to Germany,” says the company.

Related to this, I understand from Cera’s latest investor email report that Cera has grown its data set to “over 1 million data points”  a 90 percent quarter-on-quarter increase which it intends to feed into its machine learning-powered predictive analytics tool to help improve health outcomes and reduce preventable hospital admissions. “We are taking active steps to ensure GDPR compliance,” says the company,

Even the startup is making use of high technology gadget to make there work to be easy from the use of Artifical Intelligent and Chatbot assistance to the bot health assessment and feedback generation. CERA is also making use of  Amazon Alexa to assist the care receiver which is a good integration of such tech device into a Home Care.

This is just a conversation from Techconvos on how Social care and care service in Africa and Nigeria can woke up to this market and adapt it to a Nigeria business and solve a social issue as while making some money from themselves. I think it is a business space that needs to be check.