Apple inc cancelled the promised development of a data centre that will cost 1.6 Million euro and aimed to provide more jobs in Europe and add to the 20,300 thousand of jobs created by Apple in Europe. The cancellation of the facilities has come to many a surprise because it happen when everything starts to look okay from the outside. Moreover, the issue that came around after the announcement of the project in 2015 may add up to the final decision-making although the concerned citizens are not thinking about the great usefulness of the facilities they are more concern about the land usage and electricity consumption.

 According to TechCrunch, It was confirmed that Apple the iPhone developer is cancelling the first of those two projects both in Ireland and Denmark after too many delays in the approval process, which today appeared to be extending in a way that could go on for a long time to come.

The Ireland facility which supposed to be one of the facilities that will be powering the Apple’s online services including the iTunes Store, the App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri for customers across Europe. was stopped because of the issues that are the greatest determinant of cloud-enabled data centre this issues an availability of space and Power supply.

Although Apple promise to build a school and move the forest to a new location to compensate for the space usage of the 166,000 square metres of the data center suggest location. This was not enough for the Ireland people and became a court issues and they continue to go back and front for two years.

Electricity is another concern of the people because a data centre of such space will be consuming a sizeable power and considering the effect of such consumption on the national electric grid. But the forgot that Apple inc during announcement planned to make use of renewable energy.  This renewable energy is really possible because the Galway County Council is a wind prompt environment where wind turbine power generation can be made possible.

In October 2017, The issue was won by apple inc at the irish high court  which suppose to be a continuation of the project  but today we found out that the project has been cancelled.  but that is not something Apple will get involved with at this point.