The SpaceX, Tesla owner  This is very known for disrupting the technology business is eyeing another business with The Boring Company which has been the internet  a lot of reason to talk, from the present Boring Company Business to the future business is really boring at the same time adventurous.

The Boring Company start by selling cap with the Boring Company name on it and later move to living up to the flamethrower and boosting that there is no business or technology too big for the company.

Recently Elon Musk’s announced that the Boring Company will be producing a merch that will be a size of LEGO and this can be used to design sculptures and building. according to Musk, The merch would provide the parts necessary (and instructions?) for putting together iconic Egyptian archaeological wonders like the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Temple of Horus and more. This has made many people be talking on the internet most especially the Twitter.


Follow by this is the Starting of a Candy Company and even commented on how serious he is about the Candy company which made Warren Buffet talking during the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting Saturday, CEO Warren Buffett offered some advice to Tesla’s Elon Musk:  and advice him to stay away from  Candies. But Elon Musk keep many people hopes upon at least to see the wonder he is going to do with the candy business base on the trend of the post.

What do you Think about this…..A tech company becoming a Cologne brand or a Group of Company producing Candy and selling Caps.