Blackberry make use of Twitter Yesterday 11th of May 2018 to announce the unveiling of the Blackberry Key1 successor The Blackberry Key2 which is going to take place On June 7th, at an event in New York City.

Considering the recent Blackberry allegiance to Android, we are starting to see the one a mobile phone giant coming back in a bigger way on the smartphone race. Blackberry continues to give the public what they demand like the smartphone that still have the soft physical key and this is available on the Key1 and users still aspect thesame on the Blackberry key2.

Techconvos_blackberrytwitter The announcement has got a lot of people talking on the social media about what to expect from the mobile company and the die-hard blackberry customers are already looking for a way to upgrade to the new phone. Click here for the reaction


In addition to the physical key, many users are talking about the improvement in security as blackberry still winning in the area of security service and the possession of many patents that are still very relevant.

Picture blackberykey1 from blackberry