Chinese ICT solutions and service provider Huawei has reaffirmed their conviction that Africa telecoms need to concentrate on Digital Operations Transformation saying this ought to be equipped towards making long-haul key esteem both for the telecom and its users. The organization additionally uncovered that it intends to put $1 Billion in the following three years, to create digitisation arrangements which as per them will assemble business and specialized abilities, Huawei has just observed the advantages in R&D, production network and conveyance.

Steven Zheng, Chief Marketing Officer Global Services of Huawei said, “As global voice revenue and growth is declining, data and digital services are now driving revenue growth; digital operations transformation is crucial for operators’ business growth and evolution and digital operation transformation must return to the commercial nature, what specific problems to be solved and what value to be delivered.”

Huawei taking this digital drive into consideration has identified three key elements for Digital Operations Transformation, these are a set of Industry-based best practices and methodologies, open industry reference models and a series of executable targets.

Steven Zheng added that Operators can maximize value and efficiency through digitisation and as Huawei we are ready to partner with our customers and third-party partners to walk this journey of digital transformation together.