Seven (7) Hours ago Legion Bomb3r the popular goverment site hackers,  hacked  The Nigerian Law School Website, Moreover the reason for the Attack was not yet disclose or maybe they just saw a vulnerability on the site and they took it.

The site was playing a foreign music while a message displayed boldly in it saying it has been hacked by a Bangladeshi hacker who just arrived.


“The hack message read: Hacked by Legion Bomb3r.” “Bangladeshi hacker arrived. “Security is just an illusion to us cause we are unbeatable. We are error squard” It went further to read: “Just because we are silent and we don’t react doesn’t mean we didn’t notice.:”

Presently the Website is back and working, Thanks to the Tech and infosec guys around that quickly restore the site because most site that has been hacked and wrote about on the Legion Bomb3r social media page are still down.