For those asking what is Advancio interactive the startups provides branchless banking and other related financial inclusion services on behalf of the banks and financial bodies.

According to Crunchbase “Advancio interactive is a technology driven ideas and Innovations Company founded to develop cutting edge technology solutions (software, web application and mobile application) that would support Africa’s economic rise. Today at Advancio Interactive we invest majorly in talent and cutting edge technology research which gives us an advantage to deliver and power critical solutions in Nigeria.” The Startups founded in December 2016 beats over 100 startups from around the world to win the 2017 Startup Istanbul competition.

Advancio Interactive is a Lagos based startup that designs apps, develop softwares, project management and financial inclusion.

This winning is a signal to other aspiring startups that even the sky is not the limit and to also remember that Africa Business is the next thing which many international investors has notice and they are investing heavily into the Tech business.