Women In Africa Series: Episode 1

Internet Shutdown In Africa


Internet shutdown should be considered as a crime and be giving a high threat value, because the internet has become a daily commodity such as electricity and water in this technology growing era. Not forgetting that several things are depending on the internet and more will be supported by it. The rapid growth in technology such as...

Episode II: The Intersection of ethnicity and Domestic Violence (DV) in Nigeria.

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In continuation of the Series Women Issues in Africa, I will be discussing the Intersection of ethnicity and Domestic Violence (DV) in Nigeria. Nigeria is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country with more than 389 ethnic groups with different languages and cultures. Among the tribes in Nigeria, are three major tribes based on their population,...

Women’s Issues in Africa: A Series (a case study of Nigeria)

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Based on a conducted survey, personal and work experiences garnered, I will be writing on a series of topics on women's issues in Africa and using Nigeria as a case study, with the belief that these issues will be relevant to other low-income countries across the globe. First Series: Domestic Violence and Justice...

In every 66 Nigerian there is a business owner: The CEO generation


Welcome again to Techconvos, this is another interesting conversation which requires some techy convos. Sometimes ago, I had a discussion with some friends about increasing the usage of the title of ‘CEO’ on social media profiles and many always say they are unregistered. However, recent information shows that they may have been registered businesses. Francis Arinze Iloani of...

Women in Africa


Women comprise a significant number of the world population as there are almost as many men as women in the world with a population of 3,710,295,643, while men are 3,776,294,273. This shows that women are a formidable force in the world since they are the other part of the world’s population. However, unfortunately, the significance of women globally and...

How I learned 4 Languages as an Adult

I grew up in a monolingual, English-speaking household, but I come from a long line of multilingual people. In an effort to assimilate, my family started speaking English the moment they set foot in the U.S. I grew up hearing nothing but English, and for the majority of my childhood, I didn’t give it a second thought.

Microsoft Inc banned Slack and Grammerly and discourage the use of AWS and Google Doc


Microsoft has banned a huge percentage of their staff from using Slack and Grammarly . Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration software tools and online services. While Grammarly is writing and grammar-checking app that can monitor every keystroke, Grammarly proofreading resources check against more than 250 grammar rules. Both...

How to become a Bolt Driver and Start Making Money


Bolt is the new name for the well-known Taxify in Nigeria which is the Uber-like business platform for ride-sharing in the sharing economy that is prominent and changing the road haulage business. Certain requirements are needed to be considered for you to become a driver on the platform. These Four (4 ) steps need to be...

How Elon Musk Learns Faster And Better Than Everyone Else

How is it even possible that Elon Musk could build four multibillion companies by his mid-40s — in four separate fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace)? To explain Musk’s success, others have pointed to his heroic work ethic (he regularly works 85-hour weeks), his ability to set reality-distorting visions for the future, and his...